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Dylan Emerick-Brown

English Teacher / Department Chair (Literacy Department)
Website: Website

Department: Literacy

Classes:English II Honors/ General Paper

College Attended: UCF

Years at DHS: 7

I commit to working closely with my PLC to ensure we are readidng all students to the best of our abilities. 

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Mr. Emerick-Brown's Professional Bio

Mr. Emerick-Brown is the department chair for Deltona High School's Literacy Department in addition to teaching English II and AICE/Cambridge General Paper. He is a published poet with a B.A. from the University of Central Florida in English Creative Writing and his accolades include 2014-15 Volusia County Secondary English Teacher of the Year and 2017 Florida Teacher Leader Fellow. As creator and publisher of the Deltona High School literary magazine, Howl, Mr. Emerick-Brown's students published literature from around the world and interviewed 2 Nobel Laureates in Literature, over a dozen Pulitzer Prize winners and former U.S. Poets Laureate, and conducted Maya Angelou's last recorded interview which is now housed in the permanent archives of the Library of Congress. For more, read :

 James Joyce

Mr. Emerick-Brown's academic specialty is James Joyce studies.

* Presented a paper at the 26th Annual International James Joyce Symposium at the University of Antwerp in Belgium

* Contributed to the James Joyce Online Notes with an article pertaining to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

* Presented a workshop/discussion for the James Joyce Society at New York University's Ireland House on Joyce's uses of steganography in his works

* Written an article accepted for publication in a forthcoming issues of the James Joyce Quarterly on a unit specifically created to teach in-depth Joyce's most acclaimed short story, "The Dead"

* Presented a paper at the XII Annual James Joyce Italian Foundation conference at the University of Rome.

* Presented at the 43rd Annual Comparative Drama Conference on James Joyce's Exiles.

Quarter 1 delves into the works of James Joyce including "The Dead", A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and even Ulysses. This website was created to share this Joyce unit with other AICE/Cambridge teachers. However, it can be viewed by anyone to give insight into what students will be tackling for the first 9-10 weeks of school and beyond (the Ulysses Reading Group, which is voluntary and extracurricular though with academic remediation potential, lasts the last three quarters of the year).