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Whitman and Dickinson

Poetry - Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

Please see attached PowerPoint

There are three main assignments this week: 

Walt Whitman poems: Pages 177-183 (Questions on page 185) 

Emily Dickson poems: Pages 199-203 (2 questions per poem)

Emily Dickinson questions: Page 204 

Poetry and Questions from Textbook

Assignments- February

English Assignments:

You may access these text pieces through the online textbook in vportal :)

Google search: 10 facts about the Transcendentalism movement. What was important to transcendentalists? Why was it a movement in literature?

Read “Walden” pages 207- 216

Answer the questions on page218



Read “Against Nature” on page 221 – Answer questions on page 231


Take the Open Notebook quiz – if you are missing this assignment, please contact Dr. Lapnow to make arrangements.


Read about “American Romanticism’” on page 234


Read  “The Minister’s Black Veil” on page 235 – answer the questions on page 247

How does this piece exemplify aspect of Romantic literature? Consider the following elements: plot, setting, descriptive details, author’s tone, themes, and the historical period.

Read Edgar Allen Poe’s “ The Pit and the Pendulum” on page 249 answer the questions on page 263 (questions 1-4)

Summative 1