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About Us

We teach Career Experience and Preparation for Adult Living. We do this through the use of real world experience and the unique Learning System to augment our daily lessons.

Our students go off campus to designated community Based Instructional and Vocational sites to gain work experience in diverse settings.

We have partnered with the Deland Naval Air Station Museum, The Humane Society, Winn-Dixie, The Hospice store in Orange City.

Our Community Based instruction includes community access through regular visits to the local library, Shopping for items on a list that will be used to prepare a meal on Fridays. We teach money management and price comparison.

On campus our students learn job skills through working in the cafeteria, collecting recycling throughout the campus. We grow vegetables and herbs in the green house that are used in meal preparations. These plants are then sold to staff towards the end of the year.

This year we have also instituted a laundry service for staff and varied departments. 

The Wolfies store is our school-based enterprise. Our students learn to set up, prepare and deliver a variety drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water,) and some snack items to staff. In the future we plan to expand and include items for students to purchase. The cart is taken around campus and the students must charge correct prices and make change. The students also must track inventory and make a list of items to be purchased for restocking the cart. This supports the concept of money management.


Our students are also taught to basic sewing to mend tears and will take in mending from staff continue to gain experience and mastery. Every week, the students decide on a simple menu, find the recipe, make a grocery list, purchase items and prepare the meal. This includes rolling silverware, setting and clearing a table and washing dishes.


Our students are very diverse in abilities and each one participates.

We also have practice job activities that can be done in the classroom.


Social and appropriate behaviors are practiced throughout all activities.