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Greetings from the Deltona High Yearbook Staff!

The Deltona High yearbook is a custom built publicaiton produced exclusively by members of the student body.  Staffers produce all photos, graphics, layouts using state of the art photo equipment and Adobe software.  Dont miss your chance to purchase a copy of this limited run publication for yourself or for your student.

Please contact Mr. Scott at [email protected] or 386-575-4153 (ext 44014)

Important Dates and Special Offers

Yearbooks are currently $75.  Price will be going up after September 30th so get yours TODAY!

Purchasing a Deltona Yearbook


Books can be purchased through the Deltona High  Online School Payment site or at  Pleae note that any parents looking to take advantage fo the special Yearbook and Senior Ad combo must make their purchse through the school.  After purchase your senior ad, Mr Scott will contact with instructions regrading photo drop off and the custom desing process.

On Campus: Purchases with cash or check can be made through Mr. Scott in room 8-4 during normal school hours. Please make all checks out to Deltona High School.

Where to buy your Senior Ads

Purchase all Senior Ads through Walsworth or through the Deltona High Online School payment system.  

We are offering the special discount for the pruchase of a yearbook WITH the purhcase of a senior ad.  This offer is for a limited time only so act now!

Senior Ad and Yearbook bundle options.


Current yearbook price $75 (early bird price)

Full page with the purchase of yearbook.  = $300 / $25 dollar savings 

Half page with purchase of yearbook. = $225 / $25 dollar savings total

Quarter page with purchase of yearbook = $175 / $25 dollar savings 

1/8 page with purchase of yearbook = $125 / $25 dollar savings 

Photo limits for each senior ad size:

Full page amximum of 24 images.

Half page maximum of 12 images.

Quarter page maximum of 6 images.

1/8 page maximum of 3 images.