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To represent Deltona High School in athletic participation:

·       Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA

·       Students must be registered at DHS

·       Transfer students must complete FHSAA form GA4 before their first practice.

·       Transfer students must provide a current transcript of their academic record.

·       Student athletes must attend school and receive grades for all courses taken during the previous two semesters.

·       A student is limited to four consecutive school years of high school athletic eligibility beginning with the year they started 9th grade for the first time.

·       A student may not participate in athletics at the high school level if he/she turns 19 before July 1st of the upcoming school year.

·       In order to participate in any athletic activity (open gyms, season participation, weight room, or conditioning) an athlete must have a completed physical packet on file.

***Principal has discretion to remove any student athlete that violates the VCS Student Code of Conduct.***

Incoming 9th Grade Students

Incoming ninth grade students may begin participation at the high school level on the Monday following the last day of the school year.  Please be advised that a completed physical packet must be on file with the Athletic Office prior to starting any athletic activities including open gyms, weight room, or conditioning.


Exceptions (Home schooled, Youth Exchange, non-member private schools) have extra paperwork that must be done before the start of a season and approved by the FHSAA. Please contact the athletic director early to make sure you have time to become eligible.