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Welcome to Deltona High School Athletics! We are very excited that your child is interested in trying out for one of our sports teams! Any student that is interested in trying out for a Deltona High School sports team must complete the process detailed on this page, in ordered to be cleared for participation. If you have questions, reach out to our athletic director.

Athletic Director Coach Kevin Jackson or 386-575-4153 extension 44106

FHSAA Paperwork

The student must have all FHSAA paperwork completed and submitted online before conditioning, practicing, or playing in interscholastic competition. This paperwork includes the following:

·       EL2_Form032023.pdf 

All sports physicals and clearance paperwork will now be submitted online as we transitioned from the old paperwork format to our new digital platform. As a parent, this process eliminates the need to drop your paperwork at the school or send it with your student-athlete.

We look forward to the numerous benefits that this system will provide for you, your student-athlete, our coaches and our department staff. In order to participate in any summer/preseason conditioning workouts or team tryouts you must create an online account: and upload all required documents. It will then be processed by our athletic department and you will receive an email from the school clearing you for the sport(s) you selected.

Online Athletic Clearance

In order to complete this process, you will need the following documents to upload in the system.

·         Completed Sports Physical (EL2 Form for Doctor, you can print from the site) New EL2 was revised 3/23

·         Mandatory annual NFHS videos certificates (Concussion for Students, Heat Illness Prevention, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest).  Courses are free on

·         Insurance Card (Must upload new card every year with current policy information)

·         FHSAA GA4 Form (For any student who is a transfer or has attended another high school)


To Create or update an Existing Account

1. Visit and choose your state.

2. Register and complete the fields, including a security question. Parents must register with a valid email username and password.

3. Login using your email address and password.

4. Select “Start Clearance Here” to start the process.

5. Select “School Year” = 2023-2024 Select “School” = Deltona High School (Section 2) Select “Sport” = ex: Football or any other Fall Sport you want to play (MUST BE THE FIRST SPORT that you will need clearance for at DHS, any other Winter sports or Spring sports can be added in a later screen).

6. Complete all required fields for the following 5 steps:

      a. Student Information – Must use legal name.

      b. Medical History – Answer all questions, provide necessary information.

      c. Parent/Guardian Information – Answer all questions, provide necessary information.

      d. Signature Forms – Parent and Student sections. 

      e. Upload All Forms (files from previous year can be accessed and uploaded to current year, if they are still valid)

7. Once you reach the Confirmation Message you have completed the process.

8. If your student athlete is interested in trying out for any other teams in order to be cleared for preseason conditioning or team tryouts. THEY MUST REGISTER FOR ANY ADDITIONAL SPORTS by you checking off those sports below the Confirmation Message. Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports/activities.

9. All this data will be electronically filed with the DHS athletic department for review. When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent. At that point their name will be added to a coaches cleared to participate list

Participation in any preseason conditioning, open facility workouts or official team tryouts is not permitted until you have received email from the Athletic Department regarding your clearance status. Additionally, all Head Coaches will have live time access to their sports cleared to participate list.

Home School Athletes

The FHSAA has revised its procedures for determining eligibility for home school students. If you are a home school student interested in participating in Athletics at Deltona High School, please download and complete the EL7 FHSAA Home School Education form. When you have completed and notarized this form, please contact the Athletic Office to schedule an appointment to review this form and finish the FHSAA submission process. Please plan to bring the notarized EL7 form and 2 proofs of residency including a parent driver’s license and preferably a utility bill in the parents’ name. You are not permitted to participate in competition until the FHSAA has approved the submission process. This process usually takes 2-3 business days from the time it is submitted to the FHSAA. Click here to see the FAQ document for questions.

·         Home School Forms (EL 7 FHSAA Home School Form.pdf)

·         Home School FAQs (FAQ for home school students.pdf)


The state of Florida and the FHSAA requires that all student athletes have insurance as athletic injuries are not covered by the school or Athletic Department.  Deltona High School does not endorse a particular provider, but if you are in need of purchasing school based insurance you can use the link below to reach the School Insurance of Florida.  If you have questions about available policies, please contact the company directly at 1-407-798-0290 or

For more information on high school sports, eligibility and compliance go to

Pay to Participate Fees

Please complete the Pay to Participate Form and turn this in along with payment to Ms. Ruston in the main office room 6-24

·         Pay to Participate FAQ 

·         Pay to Participate Payment Form: Please print this form and return in a labeled envelope with one form of payment: OSP receipt, check, cash to Ms. Ruston.

All pay to participate fees are due by the 1st regular season game, meet or competition date. Reach out to Coach Jackson with questions or concerns about fees.

·         1st Sport $75

·         2nd Sport $25

·         Additional Sports No Charge