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Community Service Hours

Training for the Youth Partnership Program is mandatory in order to start recording volunteer hours in our system!


*Note if you are a current freshman you will need to complete this training to fulfill this requirement.

*If you are a senior, junior, or sophomore and had already earned your training hour or watched the Training power point below, you do not need to fulfill this requirement.

*Any Sophomore, Junior, or Senior new to Deltona High School must watch the Training Powerpoint.


 Below are directions for getting trained for the Youth Partnership Program (YPP):


  1. Watch YPP Student Training power point
  2. Review handbook (optional: obtain a copy from the School Counseling desk at Deltona High School) 
  3. Fill out the YPP Agreement form and Log-In form with all signatures completed
  4. Turn in Volunteer hours to Mrs. CatalanoClick here for the form.

Volunteer Service Hours Requirements by Program

Bright Futures Scholarships:

  • Florida Academic Scholar: 100 hours  
  • Florida Medallion Scholar: 75 hours  
  • Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholar: 30 hours  


Students can continue to earn volunteer hours. As of now, Bright Futures have not changed their requirements for our seniors, so they should expect to have 75 or 100 volunteer hours on record prior to graduation.

Here are some suggestions and guidelines for student wanting to earn community service hours:

  • students can help a sibling with their school work
  • sew masks
  • deliver food or do yard work for an elderly neighbor, etc.
  • Anything that is addressing a community need for which they are not being paid and are not risking their health. 

Parents can sign off that they have completed the hours.


Click here for a copy of the form to complete.


The students can return this form to Ms. Catalano.