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Senior Class 2024

Congratulations, Class of 2024!

Senior Important Dates

You are days away from a huge milestone day! You have made it!

May 23, 2024 • 10:30 am

Graduation Rehearsal

The Ocean Center, Daytona Beach   

  • Seniors are to arrive at 9:30 am for rehearsal to begin promptly at 10:30 am.
  • Attendance is MANDATORY if your Senior is walking at Graduation on May 25.

*Attire casual for rehearsal

Rehearsal Notes:

All seniors must attend rehearsal to walk at graduation.

Arrive at the Ocean Center at 9:30am – Students will check in and pick up envelopes with transcript requests and any pertinent graduation documents.

We will be begin practicing at 10:30am sharp – you will need to be in line and ready to go. Don’t be late, or you may be in alphabetical order for the graduation ceremony, as we will only seat once in the arena. Don’t be late!

May 25, 2024 • 12:30 pm

Graduation Ceremony

The Ocean Center, Daytona Beach   

  • Doors will open at 11:00 am. Seniors are to arrive at 11:30 am in their cap & gown for line up, 12:30 begin walking.
  • Tickets can be purchased at lunch behind the front office.

  • Cost is $3 for the graduation ticket and $10 for parking passes. *Please note that this price reflects an Ocean Center increase in price compared to previous years. The Ocean center price is $15 for cars without a graduation parking pass. *

*If we have leftover tickets, we will sell them at the door at graduation.

Graduation Ceremony Notes:

Doors open at 11:00am (students must be present by 11:30 to line up)

Students will need to be present by 11:30 am in the Exhibit Hall to begin the lineup. Be on time.

Please be aware a parking pass is required for each vehicle.

Students will need to be dressed in caps and gowns upon arrival. 

Students should only have their cap, gown, tassel, cords, keys (cellphones are permitted- but please be able to store in a pocket for ceremony). There will not be storage for students during the ceremony and students do not go back into the Exhibit Hall after the ceremony. Leave all belongings with family and friends or in car.

Have a small crossbody bag or a pocket for a cellphone – cellphones should not be visible during the graduation ceremony.

When you report to the Exhibit Hall- report to the table to check in and to receive your grey or blue card and graduation medallion. You will then line up in your assigned line and wait for the ceremony to begin.

Tassels must be worn on the right side before graduation and moved to the left side when indicated during the ceremony.

Parents/guardians/family and friends are NOT allowed in the Exhibit Hall.

After the ceremony, graduates will exit through the front (East) doors of the Ocean Center, facing A1A, across from the Daytona Hilton. Graduates’ families must meet the graduates outside the Ocean Center after the ceremony.

Dress Requirements:

Please wear business professional attire (dress, skirt & blouse, collared dress shirt, tie, slacks, etc). Shoes should be comfortable enough to stand in for hours.

No jeans will be permitted.

Students may not decorate caps.

Only approved cords and stoles may be worn during the ceremony.

Additional Notes:

Graduation will be live streamed for those unable to attend. You will be able to get the link on the Volusia County website.

Diplomas will not be distributed on the day of graduation. Graduates will be able to pick up diplomas on campus - date is to be determined.

Transcripts can be requested through transcript sheet included in the rehearsal packet or requested when you come to pick up diplomas in the front office.

Directions to the Ocean Center:

From State Road 415: Take SR 415 north to International Speedway Blvd. Turn right onto International Speedway Blvd. Take International Speedway Blvd. until you get to Peninsula Dr. Turn left on Peninsula Dr. Proceed north on Peninsula Dr. and turn right on to Auditorium Blvd. The South Parking lot is on your right. On graduation day, parking is available on the West side of the Ocean Center, in the South Lot, in the surrounding lots and in the parking garage for a cost of $10.00 or with a parking pass.

From I-4: Take I-4 west and exit at Highway 92 (International Speedway) to Daytona, then follow the directions listed above.

Graduation WILL be LIVE STREAMED online from the Volusia County Website for those unable to attend.

Parents and/or guests attending graduation ceremonies are expected to act in a manner appropriate to the occasion.  Disrespectful or disruptive behavior that interferes with or detracts from the dignity of the occasion including but not limited to, the use of noisemakers, air horns, and other disruptive devices or behaviors, shall be grounds for removal from graduation ceremonies.

Each ticket holder, including children, may carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse:

  • One clear bag no larger than 12”x6”x12” or a one-gallon clear Ziploc, or similar, bag.
  • One small clutch bag or purse no larger than 6.5”x6.5”, with or without a strap.
  • Diapers and wipes may be carried in a clear bag; however, diaper bags are not permitted.
  • Additional clothing, blankets, etc. are permitted if carried loosely (preferably over the shoulder to be screened more quickly) or in an approved clear bag.
  • Small cameras, binoculars and cell phones may be carried loosely or in an approved clear bag.

Diplomas WILL NOT be distributed on the day of graduation.  Graduates will pick up diplomas from DHS campus.